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Do Desktops Last Longer Than Laptops?

If I were to purchase a computer today, which one would last longer, a desktop computer or laptop computer? Desktops do typically last longer than laptops because laptops are far more susceptible to drops, spills, overheating, and food.  However, you…

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Which MacBook Should I Get?

You should get a MacBook that will meet your needs both now, and well into the future. Finding the right balance between enough power and too much is power is the key here. The questions posed throughout this…
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When Is It Time To Buy A New Printer?

What factors will help me determine when it is time to replace my printer? You can definitively know when it’s time to buy a new printer by answering these 3 questions: 1) Does my printer meet my needs? 2) Is…

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Can the Apple Pencil Scratch My iPad Screen?

An Apple Pencil can scratch the surface of your iPad, but only if the tip of the pencil has embedded foreign debris and that embedded debris is pressed into the surface of the iPad. To prevent your Apple Pencil…
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How To Choose And Manage Passwords

When creating a password, you should: 1) Always use a minimum of 12 characters. 2) Always include both UPPER cAsE and lower cAsE letters, numbers, and symbols. 3) Always ensure that you mix up the characters. 4) Never use…
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The Best Computer for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you should use the computer that is readily available in the moment, being sure to store all files, documents, and photos in the Cloud for immediate access. Just be certain that you pay for a cloud…
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How to Install KDE Plasma Desktop

KDE Plasma is the best Linux Desktop environment for those who like to “tinker” and configure their Desktop. KDE is by far, the most configurable linux desktop, without question. The greatest thing about KDE is that you can configure everything…

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How To Be More Productive On The Internet

You can be extremely productive when using the Internet, but only if you consistently maintain discipline when using it. Writing down your objective, and refusing to follow rabbit trails, while at the same time, turning off social media notifications…
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