Basic Computer Tips

What is this site all about?

The articles written on this website are written in such a way as to anticipate the questions you may ask on any given topic related to computers. Most of these articles will either offer step-by-step instructions on how to complete a given task, or provide detailed tips on how to accomplish a given task.

Given the knowledge and experience I have acquired over the last 20+ years or so, I have decided to take what I know and pass it to help others. These articles have been written in the hope that they may help you resolve any computer related issues they may have.

I would encourage you to direct them to this website to find a solution for any computer related issue issues that they may have. Perhaps they may find an article or two that they can glean from.

If you would like to request an article to be written on a computer related subject, click the link below to make your request, we just may write an article for you.