Zoom Tips For College Students

There are three main things that you need to focus on in order to get the most out of an online Zoom class for school.

1) Make certain that your attitude is right.
2) Make it a point to participate.
3) Ensure that you practice good etiquette while online.

How Does Apple Books Work?

Apple Books is an application where any and all books or audiobooks that you have ever purchased from the Apple Store. The Apple Books app already comes pre-installed on the Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and even an Apple Watch, where you can purchase both reading books and audiobooks, and even share them with family members.

Do You Need An Antivirus On A Laptop?

There are those who believe that Just because a laptop is not hardwire connected to the Internet, that there is no security risk. This is not true, however, as both the desktop computer and a laptop computer are equally vulnerable to viruses, malicious software and brute force attacks.