Computer Basics

Is It A Good Idea To Share An Apple ID?

Every person who uses any Apple product should, without question, use their own unique Apple ID on their Apple devices, (including children). Your Apple ID should not be shared with other people to use on their Apple devices, as it will cause numerous problems for all parties involved.

26 Tips To Use E-mail Effectively

How you communicate when composing an email leaves an impression on the reader, and like it or not, you determined that impression, not the recipient. The words you use determines the tone that the reader hears. The tips offered here will help you communicate effectively.

Can You Call 911 On The Computer?

It is possible to call a 911 operator from your computer, assuming your Internet Service Provider has assigned a telephone number to your computer. Without a soft-phone application from your ISP, the 911 Operator will not be able to pinpoint your location without you telling them of your address.

How Much Disk Usage Is Normal?

A computer that has several programs or processes running in the background may feel “sluggish” or even “hang” until all of those processes complete their assigned task. The reason this happens is because these programs are all fighting for computer resources at the same time.