25 Basic Computer Tips for Windows

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25 Basic Computer Tips for Windows!

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  1. How to Create a Custom Folder Icons for Each Folder
  2. How to Make Your Fonts Look Better
  3. How to Control When Windows 10 Updates
  4. How to Print a Selection from a Web Page
  5. How to Create a New Toolbar
  6. How to Enable the Windows Single-Click Option
  7. How to Paste Plain Text Without Formatting
  8. How to Change the Program that a File Opens With
  9. How to Quickly Maximize a Window
  10. How to Copy, Cut, and Delete Multiple Files at the Same Time
  11. How to Bypass the Recycle Bin
  12. How to Use Snap Assist in Windows
  13. How to Rename Multiple Files at the Same Time
  14. How to Create a Desktop Shortcut
  15. How to Delete One Word at a Time
  16. How to Zoom In and Out
  17. How to Keep Any Window on Top of Every Other Window
  18. How to Make Text Bigger Throughout All of Windows
  19. How to Password Protect an Office Document
  20. How to Quickly Find Text Using the Ctrl-F Shortcut Key
  21. How to Make the Taskbar Icons Smaller
  22. How to Uninstall a Windows Application
  23. How to Quickly Terminate a Program
  24. How to Restore a Closed Tab in your Web Browser
  25. 9 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Your Productivity